Facebook opening data center in Omaha

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Papillion, Neb.- Facebook has announced plans to build a data center near the Omaha suburb of Papillion.

The company said Tuesday at a news conference the center will be located on 144 acres at a Nebraska Highway 50 intersection just north of Springfield. It will include two 450,00 square foot buildings and another 70,000 square foot building connecting them that will serve as administrative office space. The company says it could add up to two more buildings on the land if needed.

Officials say between 100 and 150 employees will work in the data center.

The county already has data centers for Yahoo, Fidelity Investments, Travelers Insurance and Cabela’s. Facebook also built a $300 million data center in Altoona, Iowa, in 2015.

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Below is a video showing what a Facebook Data Center looks like.



Amazon (AWS) Data Centers

aws imageWhat is AWS? It is likely that you already know since you are visiting a site about data centers, but in case you don’t then we thought it would be helpful to provide some extra information to help you understand the Amazon Web Services solution. As you already figured out the AWS acronym stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a secure cloud services platform which helps business grow, It consists of database storage, massive computing power, content delivery and provides unparalleled scalability. Amazon states that there are millions of people using this platform for a variety of different reasons. Personally, we use the site to host many, many websites. The main reason we use the hosting services is because the servers offer high-speed solutions which allow people to access the databases quickly and efficiently.


AWS provides a platform for virtually every persons usage needs. There are over 50 services available at a click, everything from database storage to delivery of content. I also know the platform is a driving force behind the entire Amazon selling system. There are literally thousands and thousand of people selling on Amazon today. The content delivered through training courses like the many courses that are available online like the many courses which are accessed by thousands of individuals and businesses seeking to gain content and education for the selling platform.

The global network of regions and edge locations are rivaled by few, if any. With locations and servers located across the globe, they are currently located and housed in 42 availability zones with 16 regions around the world. And there are more on the way.

Sustainability and environment are also very important in running and operating their business and data centers. Every data center can mimic Amazon’s efforts in working hard to sustain the environment and have a goal focused on 100% renewable energy to run the operations and facilities.

Many companies are innovating with Amazon Web Services and have featured stories on the Amazon website. Companies like Under Armour, Snap Inc., Live Nation and the list goes on and on.

As a data center it is always good to be aware of all of the different technologies that are available for your business and your customers. Take a deeper look into the world of Amazon and you will only generate new thoughts and ideas that can become part of a new service offering or technology solution for your business. You may consider hiring a Sioux Falls SEO expert profile to help with getting your data center found online.

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Helping Sioux Falls Employees Get Settled and remodeling

Regional Data centers attract employees from a variety of places. Many prospective employees will be recruited and located in the community you choose for your regional data center facility. This is an ideal situation and will save the operation millions of dollars over the course of the lifetime of the business. When you are unable to attract local employees you will need to help transition your new hires from their current location to their new home. The employee may even be able to deduct the expense of their move off of their tax return. We found an informative video that will help explain deductions that could be available for you.


A great place to start providing information to your new team member is by getting them in touch with the local city website for the community you live in. For example, if your regional data center is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota then you would provide a link to their website by clicking here. A site like this will provide most all of the various departments a new resident will be looking for. Departments ranging from the Health Department, Fire Department, Police department, Library, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Transportation, etc. A city site will most certainly get your new hire heading in the right direction. You may consider even adding a link to your local city website in your employee orientation packet. Obviously your new employ will need housing of some sort. They may decide to rent an apartment, townhome, condo or house to start with. By doing that, they are able to ease into the community. This will give your new employee more  time to look for a home without the fear of making the wrong decision. Renting may just be the best place to go.

If you have children, you will be searching for a school system. If you were located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and were looking for a public school in MSP, then you could share the Minneapolis Public Schools website with your employee.

The next thing you can do is to provide information on entertainment options for your new teammate. I have found local Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus a great resource when seeking out things to do in your community. If you RDC was located in Phoenix, Arizona then you would provide a link to the Visit Phoenix website. On a site like that your employee will find everything from things to do, events, hotels, restaurants and learning and playing in the Phoenix metro. It is a great resource.

Finally, be sure to have a welcome message and gathering for your new employee. It is extremely important they feel welcome and wanted at their new job. It is great for employee morale and retention.

Data Center Plans

The Importance Of Employer Health Care Plans
One of the most important things that a data center employer can offer their employees is a group health insurance plan. When it comes to the success of a business, their employees are critical to that goal. It makes perfect sense that if you have unhealthy, sick employees that cannot afford health care on their own or for their families, this will greatly affect their work which will negatively affect the company.

 As a matter of fact, most data centers now offer healthcare insurance as a part of their benefits package to employees. This has even become critical to attracting workers since many people have reported that they are more interested in companies that offer good health care plans. Factually speaking, according to the Kaiser Deloitte Survey, 99% of surveyed employees indicated that sponsored insurance was extremely important to them and 63% indicated that their company’s health care plan was the main reason why they stayed with the company. As you can see, health care insurance is simply critical to employee retention as well as performance.
Most companies and businesses see the need to offer various benefits to their employees to improve overall satisfaction as well as provide incentives for morale. Some of these benefits and incentives usually include transport allowance, credit allowances, vacation packages, health insurance etc. Out of all of these benefits, health insurance still remains the most desired and most attractive benefit of all. Family health care plans are even more desired than just individual plans so that they can take care of their family and loved ones.
So, how do these group medical plans work? Well, a corporate health insurance plan is usually purchased for the entire company where the group shares the financial expenses among each of the members of the company. This means that all the risks and benefits are shared by all the people who contribute financially to the pool under one contract. Therefore, when an employee has a medical problem and seeks medical treatment, these expenses are covered wholly or in part by the group plan. This does not apply across all cases as there are certain conditions that apply according to that individual group plan/contract.
Even though corporate insurance isn’t cheap, it is not as expensive as individual health care plans. This makes it the more economically viable option as the premium per person is much lower when paid for as a group. Another great advantage is that corporate plans are usually easy to tailor to each different employer’s needs. This means that an employer can select or remove options such as dental coverage, accident coverage, prescriptions etc.
In closing, the benefits to employees are huge and these plans offer unbelievable savings that can literally save their lives or the lives of their family members due to the high cost of health care. However, employers also experience great benefits by offering health insurance to their employees as they will attract and retain good employees and reduce their employee turnover rate.

Finding a location for a data center

There are many great locations for setting up your data center. The United States is a vast land with many different topographies and cultre choices. Do you want to be located by one of the coast’s? Perhaps the idea of Texas is appealing to your organization. The Midwest is known for wide-open spaces and its people are known for their strong work ethic. Perhaps the desert Southwest is appealing and you have corportae facilities already located in the region and an available workforce to help run the operation? Well, whatever you decide, be sure to really think through the process. make sure the community has the technical infrastructure needed to handle your capacity and data needs. You will want to consider the availability of a quality labor force. many companies have had success setting their regional data center’s in areas with a highly educated talent pool. It is also a great idea to set up your data center in areas that have great technical colleges and advanced degree programs for further workforce development. It is likely that you will be bringing current talent to your new data center, but you will also need access to local talent to help manage and operate your data center. Be sure to consider the local economy when setting up your new facility. is the community growing? Is the leadership in the community strong? How is the quality of life? These are all things to consider when choosing your regional data center location. You may want to visit the US Chamber of Commerce website to help determine which city in America is thriving and will ultimately make a great location choice for your business.

USA Regional Data Center

Welcome to the USA Regional Data Center facility website. What exactly is a Regional Data Center? The San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) has identified the following core services a RDC provides.

It involves the following items:

  1. Uploading and checking data.
  2. Storing and management of data
  3. Exchanging data
  4. Acessing data
  5. Coordination and transferring  technology
  6. Integration of the data
  7. Data audits

See more at: http://www.sfei.org/data/what-rdc#sthash.a6UdQQcv.SL0AikJ5.dpuf