Amazon (AWS) Data Centers

aws imageWhat is AWS? It is likely that you already know since you are visiting a site about data centers, but in case you don’t then we thought it would be helpful to provide some extra information to help you understand the Amazon Web Services solution. As you already figured out the AWS acronym stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a secure cloud services platform which helps business grow, It consists of database storage, massive computing power, content delivery and provides unparalleled scalability. Amazon states that there are millions of people using this platform for a variety of different reasons. Personally, we use the site to host many, many websites. The main reason we use the hosting services is because the servers offer high-speed solutions which allow people to access the databases quickly and efficiently.


AWS provides a platform for virtually every persons usage needs. There are over 50 services available at a click, everything from database storage to delivery of content. I also know the platform is a driving force behind the entire Amazon selling system. There are literally thousands and thousand of people selling on Amazon today. The content delivered through training courses like the many courses that are available online like the many courses which are accessed by thousands of individuals and businesses seeking to gain content and education for the selling platform.

The global network of regions and edge locations are rivaled by few, if any. With locations and servers located across the globe, they are currently located and housed in 42 availability zones with 16 regions around the world. And there are more on the way.

Sustainability and environment are also very important in running and operating their business and data centers. Every data center can mimic Amazon’s efforts in working hard to sustain the environment and have a goal focused on 100% renewable energy to run the operations and facilities.

Many companies are innovating with Amazon Web Services and have featured stories on the Amazon website. Companies like Under Armour, Snap Inc., Live Nation and the list goes on and on.

As a data center it is always good to be aware of all of the different technologies that are available for your business and your customers. Take a deeper look into the world of Amazon and you will only generate new thoughts and ideas that can become part of a new service offering or technology solution for your business. You may consider hiring a Sioux Falls SEO expert profile to help with getting your data center found online.

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