Helping Sioux Falls Employees Get Settled and remodeling

Regional Data centers attract employees from a variety of places. Many prospective employees will be recruited and located in the community you choose for your regional data center facility. This is an ideal situation and will save the operation millions of dollars over the course of the lifetime of the business. When you are unable to attract local employees you will need to help transition your new hires from their current location to their new home. The employee may even be able to deduct the expense of their move off of their tax return. We found an informative video that will help explain deductions that could be available for you.


A great place to start providing information to your new team member is by getting them in touch with the local city website for the community you live in. For example, if your regional data center is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota then you would provide a link to their website by clicking here. A site like this will provide most all of the various departments a new resident will be looking for. Departments ranging from the Health Department, Fire Department, Police department, Library, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Transportation, etc. A city site will most certainly get your new hire heading in the right direction. You may consider even adding a link to your local city website in your employee orientation packet. Obviously your new employ will need housing of some sort. They may decide to rent an apartment, townhome, condo or house to start with. By doing that, they are able to ease into the community. This will give your new employee more  time to look for a home without the fear of making the wrong decision. Renting may just be the best place to go.

If you have children, you will be searching for a school system. If you were located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and were looking for a public school in MSP, then you could share the Minneapolis Public Schools website with your employee.

The next thing you can do is to provide information on entertainment options for your new teammate. I have found local Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus a great resource when seeking out things to do in your community. If you RDC was located in Phoenix, Arizona then you would provide a link to the Visit Phoenix website. On a site like that your employee will find everything from things to do, events, hotels, restaurants and learning and playing in the Phoenix metro. It is a great resource.

Finally, be sure to have a welcome message and gathering for your new employee. It is extremely important they feel welcome and wanted at their new job. It is great for employee morale and retention.

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